This is a four week thematic school on transversal aspects of tilings: computation, dynamical systems, quasicrystals and probability. Renowned invited speakers (see below) shall give long lectures on the morning. The afternoons are dedicated to shorter talks or informal discussions. Participants can stay one week or more and shall all be accomodated on the conference site, which is located in a holiday village on the beautiful island of Oléron.


Week 1: Computational aspects (May 30 - June 3).
Lectures given by

Week 2: Dynamical, arithmetical and algebraic aspects (June 6 - June 10)
Lectures given by

Week 3: Physical aspects (June 13 - June 17)
Lectures given by

Week 4: Probabilistic aspects (June 20 - June 24)
Lectures (5h each) given by

Scientific committee

Organizing committee


  • ANR Quasicool
  • ANR Dyna3s
  • CNRS
  • Univ. Paris 13
  • LIPN
  • Institut Camille Jordan
  • Alea Sorbonne
  • GDR IM
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